SIL2 Voltage and Current Monitoring | Hydrogen

Flexible modules with SIL2 rated provide project teams and manufacturers with a holistic and customizable monitoring system for hydrogen applications. Changes in voltage or current can provide information about the performance and safety of hydrogen electrolyzers, stacks and fuel cells. The HVT series enables safety-rated measurement and signaling of SIL2 alarms and measurement values. Applications include monitoring of high-voltage DC links in fuel cell powertrains, stack voltage monitoring and busbar symmetry measurement, detection of earthing faults and current monitoring for rectifiers. In addition, we offer flexible devices for safe monitoring of other parameters, such as vent and gas concentration sensors, humidity and temperature, to ensure safety in container electrolyzers and fuel cells.

SIL2 Voltage and Current Transmitters

Flexible and safe transmitters for many different parameters that suit various applications. Multiple outputs comply with standards, like IEC 61508
SIL2, ISO 13849 PLd and thus allow creating safety loops for every occasion.
  • Up to 1500 V AC/DC
  • Flexible limit and alarm configuration
  • Symmetry Monitoring
  • For Peak or balance Monitoring
  • Shunt current measurement (e.g. rectifier Monitoring)
  • Other parameters (like temperature or pressure) as well as supplying
 SIL2 and ATEX sensors (e.g. gas concentration) are available on our website. 

SIL2 Rectifier Monitoring

The electrical energy for hydrogen production is provided as DC current by rectifiers. Before the electrolyser goes under the load of the main rectifier, a smaller direct current from a polarization rectifier is connected to ensure the correct polarization of the individual membranes - For the safe operation of the electrolyser, it is important that all rectifier currents are monitored at a certain SIL level and, for example, a safety-relevant alarm signal is triggered if the critical level is not reached


Download Application Fact Sheet "SIL2 Rectifier Monitoring"


Info SIL2 shunt current transmitter "HVT 300-DV"

SIL2 insulation monitoring

Liquid-carrying lines have a limited electrical conductivity - In the event of a leakage, an electrically conductive connection is established between a high potential (e.g. anode or cathode) and PE (earth fault). An electrical potential can therefore build up on the electrolyser rack at any time, which can lead to an electric shock and thus to a considerable health hazard if touched by an employee - this danger is not recognizable for employees and operators without measurement.

The HVT 300-DP continuously measures the balance across the stack and the busbars so that insulation faults and membrane defects are detected at an early stage and safety-related threshold values for touch voltages are available for the PLC.


Download Application Fact Sheet "SIL2 Ground Fault Monitoring"


Info SIL2 transmitter balance voltage "HVT 300-DP"